From aluminium windows and doors to ceilings and partitions, PG Aluminium KZN and PG Ceilings are working together to rebuild. Whether you are aiming to rebuild commercial buildings or you are planning a home renovation, finding the right partners is essential. Rather than hiring multiple providers to assist with each part of the rebuilding process, PG Aluminium helps you get everything you need in one place. Keep reading to find out more about our premium aluminium windows and doors in KZN as well as our partnership with PG Ceilings that helps you get the perfect ceilings for your premises.

Rebuilding Windows, Doors, Ceilings & Partitions

Here are just some of the ways that we can help you get your commercial or residential property upgraded to your budget and requirements.


Aluminium windows offer great versatility and great value. As an alternative to wood, aluminium is a tough, easy to maintain material that will last a long time. There is no risk of rot or warping. Thanks to a wide variety of styles and finishes, finding the right windows for your needs is simple. Some of the most popular windows we offer include casement windows, side and top hung windows, sliding horizontal windows, arched windows, butt-jointed windows, and tilt and turn windows. Our windows are fitted with PG SmartGlass, which provides insulation and many other benefits. We offer window planning as a service to help you find the ideal window style for your requirements.


Aluminium doors are ideal for exterior and interior use. These doors are modern, attractive and durable. Like our windows, they are made using PG SmartGlass and high-quality aluminium in a choice of finishes. Some of our top door types include patio doors, palace doors, folding and sliding doors, French doors, and multi-track doors. We use principally Wispeco approved systems to ensure the highest level of quality across all of our doors. We also offer customised doors to suit specific needs.


Through our partner, Paragone Ceilings, we provide even more value when rebuilding your property. PG Ceilings provides a wide range of ceiling solutions for homes and businesses. These range from suspended ceilings to flush plastered ceilings, bulkheads, isoboard insulation, cornices, and ceiling revamps and renovations to update ceilings.


PG Ceilings also specialises in premium partitions. These are especially ideal in the commercial sector, working well in offices and other spaces. Drywall and partitioning help to create new areas in larger rooms. It is a cost-effective alternative to brick, with a lot of versatility. Glass partitioning adds a modern touch to any premises. It can be used to create separate areas in offices or residential spaces.

We are committed to helping you improve your property through affordable solutions made to meet your needs. Take the challenge out of rebuilding with the help of PG Aluminium KZN and PG Ceilings, for premium quality aluminium windows and doors, as well as ceilings and partitions.