PG SmartGlass offers an alternative to traditional glass with a large number of benefits. This exclusive product range includes a selection of laminated, double glazed, mirror, coated, and toughened glass options. SmartGlass windows are chosen to increase safety and security, provide eco and energy-friendly glass alternatives to traditional glass, and offer specialised and decorative windows that can be tailored to the design and look of both residential and commercial premises.

What makes PG SmartGlass such an excellent alternative to traditional glass windows, and what else should you know about this type of glass when choosing a window solution for residential or commercial buildings? Keep reading to find out more about SmartGlass.

PG SmartGlass

Everything You Need to Know About PG SmartGlass

PG SmartGlass is a type of glass fixture that has been adapted using glazing, liquid crystals, electrochroming, suspended particles or other alterations. This gives the glass a far greater strength, noise reduction, durability, climate control, UV protection, and security compared to regular glass. Unlike untreated glass, SmartGlass will not easily shatter or break. This makes it a far safer alternative to traditional glass. Whether used in residential or commercial premises, this type of glass can not only increase overall comfort; it can also increase the value of the property.

SmartGlass for residential buildings.

For residential homes, SmartGlass helps to create a comfortable home environment. Glazing helps to subtly improve glass without affecting the look of the windows. Optimal light can still be enjoyed, with added UV protection. Temperature control further helps to ensure greater comfort, while the added security of treated glass provides full peace of mind to homeowners.

SmartGlass for commercial buildings.

For commercial spaces, SmartGlass offers a highly adaptable solution that can be tailored to the design of a wide range of buildings. Treated glass helps to reduce noise, creating a calmer, more focused environment for offices, hotels, and other premises. Temperature control helps buildings stay cooler in summer and warmer in winter, while light filtering further helps to ensure a comfortable work environment. Thanks to the versatility of this glass, windows can be designed to fit the style of a wide range of buildings without sacrificing the comfort and protection offered by SmartGlass.

PG Aluminium offers two signature solutions: SmartGlass X1 and SmartGlass X2. SmartGlass X1 is a single-glazed performance glass with specialised coatings to insulate against noise, heat, cold, and UV rays. There are three options available in this range – X1 Standard, X1 Plus, and X1 Elite. SmartGlass X1 is a double-glazed glass that offers complete insulation, throughout the year. There are four options in this range: X2 Standard, X2 Plus, X2 Elite, and X2 Superior. Each range and each option offers its own unique benefits. To learn more about the benefits offered within each of these ranges, visit the PG SmartGlass official website.

Here at PG Aluminium, we offer the complete range of SmartGlass products, bringing you all of the advantages of performance-enhanced windows. Get in touch with us today to learn more about PG SmartGlass in Durban and surrounds.