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Security Gates

Looking for a robust sliding security gate solution for your property? The PG Aluminium KZN team can now install strong retracting security gates that are low maintenance and low noise. Choose from a range of configurations and colours to effectively secure your doors and windows.

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Slam lock gates are space-saving safety solutions, designed to look good while providing a deterrent against burglary. They lock automatically when pulled closed, something that’s a big advantage for when in an actual home invasion situation.

  • High-strength structural grade aluminium alloy
    Our slam lock gates are, like all our products, manufactured using the highest-grade SABS approved materials.
  • Slam-shut lock mechanism
    Seconds matter in a home robbery situation, so it’s good to know our retracting security gates are slam lock – in that they lock automatically when pulled closed.
  • Smooth, silent opening and closing
    The rail mechanism on our retracting security gates has been designed for smooth opening and closing – without any noisy squeaking.
  • Sliding and fixed barriers on request
    Our retractable security gates can also be fitted as permanent security gate solutions, like at windows or other potential entry points.
  • Range of popular colours and finishes
    Speak to us about the range of colours we offer our security gates in. With us, you’re not limited to only white and brown. We’ll help you match your security gates to your building’s look.
  • Conveniently low maintenance
    The way you treat your security gate will determine the amount of maintenance it will require in its life. With our gates, that won’t be very often.

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We can help you pick the right gate

Contact PG Aluminium KZN and chat to us about getting a quote on securing your building with quality aluminium security gates. We’ve consulted with clients in all industries, picking the ideal sliding security gate configurations for their unique spaces.

From upmarket residential developments on the KZN North Coast, to commercial structural aluminium in some of the province’s best-known malls, we have the experience to ensure a professional install and industry-leading product.

Two main types of security gates

With security gates being used more and more in all sectors of society, manufacturers are always finding new ways to secure building entrances. In most cases there’s one of these 3 main types of security gates being used:

Swing security gates
These types of security gates are like most gates out there. They work on a swiveling hinge system and open and close inwards or outwards in an arc.

Slide security gates
Sliding security gates don’t swing open and shut. Instead, they slide in a straight line left and right. This saves space in some situations, and includes things like retracting security gates.

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Where are security gates used?

Any building where people live, work, or spend time should have security. Places where expensive stock or equipment is stored, like manufacturing plants or office buildings, also rely on sliding security gates to keep their premises safe.

Residential security gates
This variety of security gate is installed in residential settings, like private homes, apartment buildings, and other places where people live.

Commercial security gates
These gates for security are used at places where people shop and do business, like malls, shopping centres, and other retail outlets.

Industrial security gates
Industrial gates are security gates used to safeguard buildings used for industrial purposes, like factories, manufacturing plants, and others

Reasons a building needs security gates

From business reasons like protecting valuable stock, to keeping your loved ones safe while they sleep, buildings need security gates for many reasons. The benefits of having security gates far outweigh the risks of not having them. 

  • Occupants feel safer
    Effective safety measures like security gates give individuals living or working in buildings more peace of mind. People feel safer at work or work knowing that there are gates that can protect them from possible intruders.
  • Crime deterrent
    Any potential unlawful entrants to a home, office, or warehouse are deterred when seeing iron-clad security in place – and emboldened when there aren’t any security gates or other access control measures.
  • No lost revenue
    Because criminals can’t access a building with the right security measures in place, business owners don’t have to worry about a break-in throwing a spanner in a business’s operations (costing money in lost revenue).
  • The value increases
    Effective safety measures like sliding security gates enhance a building, which means they increase the overall value of the property. It has been shown, especially in South Africa, that homes with security gates sell easier than homes without.
  • Insurance premiums
    Having heightened security in a home or business that’s insured means you could end up paying less on your monthly insurance premiums – just for being more security conscious.

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Get a quote on security gates in KwaZulu-Natal

Looking to secure your premises with security gates that are affordable, secure, and low maintenance? PG Aluminium KZN installs aluminium structures and fittings that are trusted by countless clients across all sectors. Contact us to arrange a quote on security gates, or call 031 700 2669/5 to talk to us directly. We look forward to delivering an exceptional service for you soon.

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