Monkeyproof Gates

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Monkeyproof Gates

PG Aluminium KZN is proud to manufacture and install our very own stylish monkeyproof gates for clients in KwaZulu-Natal. We have sliding monkey-proof gates and swing monkey proof gates, depending on what will work best at your building’s entrance ways. Keep your fruit bowls permanently free from furry little fingers with our solid, secure, monkey-proof security gates.

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Our bespoke meshed security gate was adapted to work with our clip 44 section, and can easily be used as a security or monkey proofing solution. It can be powder coated to almost any colour, and also works with our palace sliding doors and hinge aluminium doors. These gates can accommodate 25/35 backset locks, and as a future feature we plan to incorporate a fly screen to the design.

  • High-strength structural grade aluminium alloy
    Our monkey proof gates are, like all PG Aluminium KZN products, manufactured using the highest-grade SABS approved materials.
  • Sliding and swinging gates available
    The original PG Aluminium KZN monkey-proof gates can be installed as standard swinging gates, or on a rail as a sliding security gate, depending on your existing fixtures and how much space you have available.
  • Range of popular colours and finishes
    We offer a range of colours for our monkey proof gates. With PG Aluminium, you’re not limited to only one or two shades. We’ll help you match your monkey proofing gates to your building’s existing look and feel.
  • Conveniently low maintenance
    The way you treat your building’s gates will determine the amount of maintenance they will require. With our monkey-proof gates, and the industry-leading materials we use in manufacture, that won’t be very often.
  • Exceptional after-sales service
    The last thing you want is to try a new home fixture, like monkey-proofing, without good after-sales service should something go wrong with the bespoke system. Since our monkey-proof gates are our unique design, we are the best people to maintain and repair your new monkey proof security gates.

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Manufactured with you in mind

Contact PG Aluminium KZN about getting a quote on securing your building with quality aluminium monkey-proof security gates. We’ve consulted with clients in all industries, crafting unique monkey resistant gates that can easily be added to any existing aluminium door setup. 

From upmarket residential developments along the North Coast, to commercial structural aluminium in some of the province’s best-known retail centres, we have the experience to ensure a professional install and industry-leading product on every job.

Two types of monkey-proof gates

We are proud to manufacture and install two styles of monkey-proof gates for our clients. These are swinging gates and sliding gates.

  1. Swinging monkey-proof gates
    Our traditional swinging monkey-proof gate works on a swiveling hinge system, and is easily added to any existing aluminium door configuration.
  2. Sliding monkey-proof gates

Where space is an issue, or there are sliding aluminium doors in place, we can configure our monkey proof gates as sliding gates instead.

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Reasons why monkeys break into your home

One reason for your monkey issues could be that your home is built on land that was traditionally their natural habitat. Other reasons your home is being targeted by furry-fingered friends include:

monkeys behind glass

It’s easy to get in and out
If there’s nothing to prevent them from getting inside, like monkey-proof gates, monkeys will find a gap and make their way into your building

There’s a full feast on display
If you like to keep fresh fruit in a bowl on the kitchen counter, this could be too big of a temptation for a hungry monkey to avoid.

Your property smells delicious
Rubbish bins and compost heaps outside are like yummy smelling beacons for troops of monkeys passing through your suburb.

You’ve given them food before
Feeding monkeys at your home or office is a big no-no if you’re trying to prevent monkey home invasions. Feed them once and they’ll keep coming back for more.

Tips for preventing monkey home invasions

Nobody wants to see their fresh fruits and vegetables disappearing out of a window, never to be seen again. There are a few handy tips you can follow to deter monkeys and prevent them from wreaking havoc in your building:

  • Secure your windows and doors
    Make sure that your windows have some kind of monkey proof solutions present. Also, your doors don’t have to stay closed when the monkeys roll through. Monkey-proof gates mean you can leave doors open without concern over monkey home invasions.
  • Hide your fruits and vegetables
    Another way to deter monkeys from entering your home or office is to keep the fresh foods, like fruits and vegetables, out of sight when in the kitchen. A full fruit bowl is just too tempting for monkeys to resist.
  • Avoid leaving full bins outside
    Nobody wants to see or smell a stinky rubbish bin indoors. Unfortunately, leaving rubbish bins outside is like setting up a big bright beacon inviting animals (including monkeys) to come and feast on your scraps and left-overs.

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Looking to secure your premises with monkey-proof security gates that are affordable, secure, and low maintenance? PG Aluminium KZN installs aluminium structures and fittings that are trusted by countless clients across all sectors. Contact us to arrange a quote on any security gates or aluminium structures, or call 031 700 2669/5 to talk to a member of the PG Aluminium KZN directly.

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