For decades glass panes around the house were there for one reason: so, we could close the opening in the window. Today, glass panes benefit the home in more ways than one. In a nutshell, smart glass ensures that homes and office blocks are energy efficient. We’re unpacking what smart glass is, the types available, and a few benefits smart glass offers a dwelling over its outdated predecessor:

What is SmartGlass?

Smart glass is a general term given to residential or commercial glass fixtures that have been altered in some way using suspended particles, electrochroming, liquid crystals and glazing (as is the case with the PG SmartGlass range. These alterations to glass panes offer benefits in terms of internal climate control. This means that smart glass facilitates more comfortable living spaces within buildings of all shapes and sizes.

Types of PG SmartGlass

The residential PG SmartGlass range is made up of two excellent products: PG SmartGlass X1 and PG SmartGlass X2. Using PG SmartGlass is the easiest and most accessible way for homeowners, builders, architects and fabricators to design and create more comfortable and energy efficient buildings.

SmartGlass X1

This is a single glazed performance glass it features a range of specialised coatings that create insulated, warmer buildings in the winter – and cooler, buildings in the summer, keeping noise out and energy costs down.

SmartGlass X2

The X2 is a double-glazed version of the SmartGlass X1, offering enhanced solar control and insulation for all-year-round comfort. The PG SmartGlass X2 comes in four different variants.

3 Reasons PG SmartGlass is Better

The biggest difference between PG SmartGlass and normal glass panes is that with SmartGlass, you’re able to completely customise how sunlight will enter and impact the inside of a room. Some benefits to having SmartGlass include:

  • UV Filtering
    The PG SmartGlass glazing comes in a range of strengths, filtering out UV from light which keeps homes cooler in the summer months. Filtered UV rays also means that your furniture is protected from sun damage.
  • Noise Reduction
    Aluminium windows fitted with our PG SmartGlass panes insulate a room like a wooden window frame and normal glass would never be able to. This means that less outside noise can penetrate your building.
  • Increased Safety
    Normal glass windows break, leaving a cavernous gap where criminals can gain access to your home. PG SmartGlass included safety laminate for additional security. This makes a home much safer than with regular window glass.

SmartGlass Suppliers in KZN

PG Aluminium KZN is a registered and trusted supplier of aluminium and the chosen preferred supplier of SmartGlass products in KwaZulu-Natal. We utilise both the PG SmartGlass X1 & X2 varieties as part of our aluminium fixture offering, and we’re able to install SmartGlass aluminium windows, doors, enclosures, railings and more – anywhere in KwaZulu-Natal! Connect with us today to find out more about the residential and commercial applications of PG SmartGlass…